Going Beyond The Background Check

In this world there will be times where we need to find out a lot of information about a specific individual to build a case for court or to determine if they are a danger to themselves or others.  In most cases doing standard background checks rochester ny won’t return the results that are needed.   In these cases, additional surveillance may be needed.  Here are some options that private investigators and law enforcement use.

GPS tracking

Global Positioning Systems are very popular and accurate in today’s society.  In fact, most people don’t realize that their every move can be tracked down to a few feet at any moment of the day.  When doing surveillance on someone, using GPS technology is a great place to start.  This can be done by planting a GPS location device on them or their vehicle as well as pinging their cell phones.

Criminal records check

Does the person you are looking at have a criminal record?  In most states criminal records are public information and can be accessed to gain additional details about a person’s past.  With a criminal record check, you can find out what they did, when they did it and what punishment if any they received.  In many cases learning about a criminal history one can start to build a pattern of predictable behaviors.

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Drug connections

A vital piece of information that may be useful is if the suspect has a drug connection.  If they are involved in drugs, then investigators and law enforcement can use this information to determine locations they may go to and people that they may be in contact with.  When someone is addicted to drugs, they will eventually need to gain a fresh supply.  This information can also be sued to setup specific situations to use in court as well as many other useful needs.